Following a large trend towards domestic concentration preceded by international brands coming to India, the retail market is now facing the emergence of new market players and an increasing and intense competition. This includes the development of new products by national and international companies, online retail and innovative distribution channels.

On one hand, the increased protection of consumers in the Indian market and the risk management related to the launch of new products puts additional requirements to market players to design and implement thorough processes to manage and mitigate risk.

On the other hand, to develop new competitive advantages, companies must continually adapt their strategies and operational models, keeping cost control as a priority. As such, an integrated marketing approach has to allow retail companies to change the product-customer-channels mix. For instance, the online retail portals are now used as a step to launch a new product on the market or a new product pre-launch on a private sale can be a tool to build a good customers base.

Nymex Consulting offer expertise within customer value management, multi-channel strategy, launch of new products and marketing strategy to provide our clients with market development and sustainable growth.