Food & Beverage

Nymex Consulting helps their Food & Beverage clients by finding new growth drivers and overcome the challenges that exist in the complex Indian environment when they seek to develop their business in the Indian market.

Food & Beverage companies nowadays are faced with a complex environment. The economic downturn, the market competition, the regulatory pressure and the operational practices are forcing Food & Beverage companies to better manage their importation/exportation, customer requirements, position in the market, price and profitability.

At the same time, internet and digital technology increase the customers’ needs and expectations. In addition, customers have become increasingly sensitive to the quality/price ratio, whilst demanding an increasingly innovative product offering.

Nymex Consulting has developed a specialist knowledge base within the alcoholic beverage industry in India: market research, feasibility studies to import, register a brand, how to introduce your brand in the Indian market and promotion.

At Nymex Consulting, we believe the Indian complex environment provide Food & Beverage companies with a number of business opportunities if they meet the following major challenges:

– Take into account the evolution of customer needs & expectations as well as demographic changes: development and importation of new products, marketing strategy depending of the targeting customers and services responding customers’ demands both in term of quality and price;

– Diversify distribution channels: digital transformation, web 2.0 and mobile technologies are changing the way customers access Food & Beverage products. Food & Beverage companies need to leverage on technologies to increase market shares and improve client retention;

– (Re)align the operating model for the new business strategy: enhance the operating model to reduce transformation costs through an optimization of organizations & processes;

– Build a risk management strategy: define robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) frameworks to embed risk management into financial and strategic decisions;

Nymex Consulting will help you to manage the following projects:

  • Risk Management framework implementation
  • Internal control & compliance improvement
  • Financial & Risk reporting optimization
  • Put your wine or liquor brand on the Indian market
  • Product launch
  • Digital transformation
  • Distribution strategy definition