The E-commerce industry is characterized by a strong pressure on revenues and margins, a high competition between the actors, several difficulties to find the clients, some trouble with the supply chain and a total absence of profitability. We leverage our deep knowledge of the E-commerce industry to assist our customers to have a sustainable and profitable model.

The E-commerce market is relatively new in India if we compare it with western and the other BRIC countries. However, in less than 10 years the competition has become stronger despite a low uptake of internet connections by the Indian households.

The entrepreneurs who launch an E-Commerce business face several challenges:

– Find the right products

– Management of the supply chain and reach the end customer

– Secure payment

– The definition of a good marketing strategy

– Lack of clients

– Optimization of the client acquisition cost

– Obtain  profitability

Our experience in the Indian E-Commerce market is solid and pragmatic. We help our customers to build a sustainable and profitable business. We know the required key success criteria to bring your E-Commerce offering to a level where you will be able to establish a viable business.

Nymex Consulting’s solutions respect the specifications of each market player and will tailor the launch of your E-Commerce platform to the market ensuring that you have a implementation partner supporting you along all the steps to reach profitability.