The change from a Supply Strategy to a Demand Strategy translates into financial players exploiting new distribution techniques: white labels, open architecture, multi-channel and so on.

Beyond the first level of response within the current context of increased competition, this development requires an adaptation of the Customers-Products-Channels mix based on the industry’s insights about customer behaviour and their needs.

Nymex Consulting will find you the best distribution channels and target the right customers for your products in the Indian market. Through projects within market entry, marketing, product portfolio designs or market share development, Nymex Consulting will put in place the right strategy to increase your sales and your visibility in the market.

Thanks to an unique expertise in the multi-channel Indian market, our team assists our clients on both Growth and Operations improvement issues: strategy, due diligence, transformation program, contract management and client relationship.


  • Customer Value Management
  • Multi-Channel and Online Distribution
  • Strategy clients segmentation
  • “The right product for the right consumer”