Investment Strategies – Retailing

Indian retail sector accounts for more than 25% of the GDP and contributes to more than 10% of the total employment.
The list of segments which present themselves for a high growth opportunity in the Indian retail landscape is endless. Some of these segments are clothing, textiles, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, footwear, health, beauty care, pharmaceuticals, consumer durables, home appliances, mobiles, furnishings, utensils, furniture, food, grocery, catering, books, music, gifts and entertainment.
Out of these categories, the maximum contributor to the total retail market value is ‘food’ segment, contributing 65% of the total value, followed by ‘fashion and fashion accessories’, contributing 20%.
India’s dynamic retail landscape presents a big opportunity to foreign investors. India is the third-most attractive retail market for global retailers among the 30 largest emerging markets.