FMCG: Sustainable Growth

Nymex Consulting is aware of the powerful role FMCG companies play in driving economic growth, and stands ready to assist them in their development.

Nymex Consulting appreciates the growth potential of the Indian market for the FMCG, due to characteristics such as the steady improvement in consumer incomes, high growth rates, young and expanding populations, increasing urbanisation rates and the strong potential of the private sectors, as well as the inherent business risks.

Nymex Consulting works with its clients to identify growth opportunities, develops customized strategies and prepares organisations for the associated challenges.

Nymex Consulting combines business knowledge and deep expertise in the FMCG sector in which team members develop recommendations to create durable competitive advantages.

Nymex Consulting has a proven track record in India FMCG market, supporting national and international companies, in projects such as:

  • Strategy definition for company life-cycle in 5-10 years
  • Value proposition and market segmentation
  • Efficient branding and market communication
  • Push distribution through alternative low-cost channels
  • Efficient retail and commission structure
  • Product portfolio management and value added services
  • Price strategy
  • Organizational structure and talent acquisition
  • Project management office