Distribution needs to reach international standards

Operators and retailers are currently facing five major trends that are reshaping their distribution systems, at both PoS and distribution network levels.

  • Proposition development for services: what positioning to adopt in a business landscape that is shifting towards services and increased customer interaction?
  • Operational efficiency: how can PoS efficiency be protected with growing numbers of visits to each PoS and a widening product portfolio to support?
  • Network structure optimisation: how can the distribution network be developed in order to address a maturing market?
  • Offers, Products & Services (OPS) portfolio and segmentation: As the OPS range grows and customer requirements become more detailed, why and how should PoS be developed?
  • PoS/Online cross channel policy: as the online channel develops, to what extent is it possible to develop and manage customer interactions across channels?

Each of these trends represents both growth opportunities and cost optimisation. Nymex Consulting can add value to operators and retailers by enabling them to deliver significant customer activity.

Nymex Consulting helps its clients to distribute their products across the Indian market by using a multi-channel distribution system.