Impact Stories

Nymex Consulting unlocks the full potential of its clients

Nymex Consulting is a leading consultancy in its niche market with a particular focus on the most recent hot topics which are specifically impacting our clients activities and challenging the way they do business. By developing thorough expertise on these most crucial issues, Nymex Consulting unlocks the full potential of its clients.

The challenges raised by our clients are continuously evolving which require a dedicated expertise. Thanks to our knowledge and vision of the sector, Nymex Consulting has developed a unique proposition in its key areas.

  1. FMCG: Sustainable Growth

    Nymex Consulting is aware of the powerful role FMCG companies play in driving economic growth, and stands ready to assist them in their development.

  2. Investment Strategies – Retailing

    Building your Retail Investment Strategy in the Indian Market with Nymex Consulting

  3. The Indian Wine Market: a challenging sector where international producers have to be in.

    Nymex Consulting puts your wine brands in the Indian market.

  4. India’s e-commerce retail sector faces cash crunch – is it really profitable?

    Becoming a key player on the e-commerce industry in India is not easy but avoid being like 80% of the e-commerce which close after 2 years by lack of profitability can be done with success.

  5. Distribution needs to reach international standards

    Operators and retailers are currently facing five major trends that are reshaping their distribution systems, at both PoS and distribution network levels.