Nymex Consulting key values


Nymex Consulting believes in three fundamental values : Excellence, Team Spirit and Passion. The way we work for our clients and how we run our company is based on these values. Each one is considered as equally important and is clearly reflected in all our assignments. These values are the corner stone of our work enabling us to deliver success to our clients.

We strive to exceed customer expectations by being continually responsive to their requests. The rigor of our analysis and the pragmatism of our solutions provide a real competitive advantage to both our clients and us.
Team Spirit
Support, respect and encouragement are the key drivers of how we work. We promote an emulative cooperation at the service of our customers. We share and develop together our ideas and projects.
Our motivation comes from our passion to create value and being successful. We are eager to share our experience and knowledge with our customers to overcome their challenges and resolve their problematic. Each of us is attracted by the evolution of the Indian market, its complexity and the potential it represents.