Chairman's Letter


We are pleased to introduce Nymex Consulting, a specialised consultancy firm providing advice and services to National and International companies that operate or wish to operate in the Indian market.

Nymex Consulting was founded on the principle of always putting clients first. By anticipating and meeting their needs, we become trusted advisors and build long-term relationships. We are united by a single goal of doing what's right for our clients.

Nymex Consulting operates in markets such as FMCG, Retail, Food & Beverage, E-Commerce and Distribution. We have focused our expertise on these sectors by offering our customer comprehensive and high value added solutions; our speciality activities help to drive growth to our clients and increase their profitability.

The effects of the Global Financial Crisis challenge us at Nymex Consulting to add the very best value to our clients. The economic environment remains tough. However we can draw on our experience, our skills and our capacity to innovate which are all part of Nymex Consulting genetic make-up. Our team has a track record of generating growth in the Indian market. At a time of austerity, Nymex Consulting demonstrated its capabilities to generate profits for its clients.

Consulting is a “people business”, and we define our success by the enduring value we create for our clients, employees, communities and investors. Our important work springs from an entrepreneurial culture where ideas flourish and where people grow and pursue their passions inside and outside of work.

Today's professional services landscape is changing, and we must continue to evolve the way we work to create greater flexibility, more efficiency, and more personal and professional growth. Our "Way We Work" strategy combines face-to-face teaming, telework, remote delivery, and hoteling to foster greater work-life balance, reduced commuting times, and a smaller carbon footprint. Our people and our clients benefit from advanced computing facilities, videoconferencing and other technologies that support collaboration and enhanced product and service delivery.

We are excited by the opportunities that lie ahead as we grow and deliver value. We have established a clear strategy focused on delivering great client service and growing our business.

We are committed to continuing to nurture and protect our culture, which we believe is one of our greatest attributes. It is our responsibility to create an environment where our employees can excel.

I would like to thank our clients and employees for their enduring support and confidence in our organization. I feel fortunate to be invigorated, committed and more optimistic than ever about the opportunities ahead.


David Abikzir
Nymex Consulting