Turnaround Strategy for an Online Pure-play Grocery Retailer

Context and objectives

An online retailer suffering double digit decline in revenues and needed to define a turnaround strategy. The CEO wanted from Nymex Consulting to:

  • Analyse the market dynamics of the local grocery retail market
  • Undertake an assessment of areas of weakness within the business
  • Set a clear direction for them in the Indian market

The company’s Approach

  • Nymex Consulting undertook primary and secondary research to produce a detailed analysis of both B2B and B2B grocery markets, building a view of

    - Market size forecasts and trends

    - Customer feedback, product activity based costing, pareto analysis and proposition/brand analysis

    - A detailed SEO and SEM analysis with a full audit of site analytics to produce site optimisation recommendations

    - Customer journey and digital marketing review

  • Business case analysis of key strategic options
  • Proposition of a new source of revenue for the online retailer


Client Benefits

- The client benefited from a detailed actionable analysis of the current issues with their strategy

- Nymex Consulting delivered operational recommendations around improving discoverability of the site, search items, customers journeys, social media and analytics assessment

- A clear set of strategic options was produced and evaluated based on market/financial analysis and internal capabilities to form clear overall recommendations

- Nymex Consulting brings a new way to think the online business with a model to reach profitability