Market Opportunity and Entry Strategy – Launch of 500 Food SKUs by an international FMCG company

Context and objectives

  • A FMCG company in Europe requested Nymex Consulting to assess the opportunity to launch more than 500 food SKUs in the Indian market
  • The project objectives included:

-   Assessment of the market opportunity (revenue, retention, image) and operational feasibility (legal, technique, organisational)

-  Definition of the Go to market strategy (partnership model, distribution strategy, technical solution to bring the products on the market)

-  Definition of the detailed 5 year business plan for the client and the distribution partners


The company’s Approach

  • Define a clear market opportunity considering the economics of the country, the food and importation market in India and customer needs
  • Assess the regulatory impact (importation, duties, supply chain, warehousing)
  • Assess the operations (Marketing, Distribution across India)
  • Size the market (bottom up analysis through field interviews and market surveys)
  • Perform in-depth and comprehensive strategic analyses & build a detailed business case


Client Benefits

-    The client benefited from a detailed actionable analysis of the current issues with their strategy

-    Assessment and sizing of the international food market in India

-   Operational impacts

-   Regulation analysis

-    Potential competitors and substitutes

-    Complete business case with 5 year forecast of revenues, costs, EBITDA and FCF