Boost the financial performance of a retail chain

Context and objectives

  • The EBITDA of a retail chain was lagging behind best-in-class players
  • The CEO wanted to boost financial performance in order to catch up with market benchmarks
  • The objectives were to

- Benchmark the P&L vs best in class players

- Identify major projects that would help boost its EBITDA

- Define and launch the overall program to monitor achievement of objectives

The company’s Approach

  • Identification of best practices implemented by several best in class competitors facing similar market conditions
  • Review of financial objectives for the next 3 years

    - Revenues split for each major business line

    - Opex

  • Interview all directors and project owners to define major projects to implement: qualitative and quantitative objectives, roadmap, KPI


Client Benefits

- Clear overview of the main gaps between our client and the best in class examples

- Analysis of the objectives to be implemented in terms of revenue growth and Opex decrease or stabilisation over the next 3 years

- A clear roadmap and KPIs to be monitored for the key projects

- Strong commitment to the project by key stakeholders (directors, project owners)