Nymex is a strategy and
management consulting firm

Nymex Consulting is one of the fastest growing management consultancy firm providing growth management, market expertise and a solid return of investment.

Our functional expertise entails Strategy, Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Operational Efficiency, Risk Management and overall Project Management Office including topics such as Business transformation, Customer Base Management, Channel Management and Organizational redesign.

We work with leaders and challengers combining our strategic vision for growth with a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach in our projects, delivering sustainable growth.


Product launch, implement a new distribution network, boost EBITDA


Customer value management, multi-channel strategy, product launch, marketing strategy

Food & Beverage

Risk management, compliance, financial optimisation, product launch, distribution strategy


From the launch of the portal to its profitability, recovery plan, market study, financial model, marketing strategy


Customer value management, strategy clients segmentation, multi-channel and online distribution